Thursday, February 17, 2011

German Zombies

No, I am not really a fan of Weird War Two - but I don't hate it either - to each his own. But I do love zombies and I do love World War Two - so playing Two Hour Wargames' Nuts! with German zombies simply is too cool. THW produces a Nuts! supplement that blends in stuff from All Things Zombie. It is called "Holle auf Erden" and is available as a free download!

So, my friends Binhan and Matt and I have been talking about running a campaign game at some upcoming club meetings. It will be a campaign in the sense that we'll play some games and folks will pop in and out keeping their surviving characters from game to game. We have it all laid out - several scenarios that are linked to one another (I'll have to post info about it).

The miniatures finally arrived this week, waaaaaaaay delayed by a shipping error by Westwind Productions, resulting in them being shipped via Royal Mail instead of FedEx (which was advertised as two days shipping). No big deal tho, the folks at Westwind are nice - and we're not saving lives here, they're toy soldiers. So, yeah, I was annoyed by the length of time taken to arrive, but not upset with the vendor - we all make mistakes.

So, I have been really busy working at a new gig, but I have managed to find a little time to paint a handful of minis and make this post (then it is back to work after dinner!). Here are those pics, click to enlarge...

The zombies numbered 1 and 2 are former soldiers in the SS that have been "equipped" with bombs after reanimation. As a nice departure from the standard zombie, these guys are detonated by their "controllers" when near Allied troops or vehicles. The third zombie is a run-of-the-mill zombie formerly employed in the German Army (Heer). That last zombie is the Furher - figured it may be fun to have him out there in the last scenario. I don't know if we will.

The above image shows a living German soldier in what we're calling "electro-mechanical" armor (because we think that sounds more 1940's). These guys will give the Allies a run for their money. That last mini is an American NCO with a flak jacket and a gas mask. Players will have an option available to them to upgrade their NCO's to this equipment - the flak jacket will certainly help them survive, the gas mask may help them avoid being killed and reanimated. We'll see...

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  1. Excellent right up for the campaign. I am looking forward to it.