Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Russian Storm Battalion Completed!

Yes! My Russian Storm Battalion is ready for battle! An earlier post showed the order of battle and now the little troopers are ready for action...and, they'll get that action this Sunday at the club meeting.

Here are some pictures (that are of generally poor quality), apologies. But it shows the flavor of what is in the force.

The above image  shows only the 2 SMG teams in the second assault group. This is because the other 5 teams can be of several types, including more SMG teams. The below picture shows some of the non-SMG team types I have available now for these other 5 teams. I wish to add some HMG and other goodies to this.

The next picture shows the artillery battalion. They are supposed to have horse-drawn limbers, but I could not locate suitable models fore them. So for now, the Stalinets will have to fill-in, treated as the horse-drawn limbers of course.

Ok, I hope these guys are as ready for battle as I am!

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  1. Outstanding - very well done looking forward to taking them on