Sunday, January 30, 2011

28MM Halftracks

I really like the German "ambush" camouflage scheme. I think that it really does break up the outline of a vehicle effectively - and - it looks really cool. I wanted to paint one wall in my office in the scheme, but the wife shot that down. I suppose that is for the better, but, I'm just sayin'...

Anyway, these are Tamiya 1/48 scale 251/1 late-war halftracks. I just painted the one numbered "222", the other has been completed for some time. That first one has been used many times in battle. The second shall soon experience combat.

The sign will be on a German secret airbase in the upcoming Nazi-Zombie campaign.


  1. Now these look really cool. I've got a Marder self-propelled gun sittig on my painting table which could do with a scheme like this.

  2. Stuart, thanks. I'm a fan of the scheme - it is tedious, but not that hard to do and I have seen images of so many variations on the theme.