Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nazi Zombies

2011 will see a "Nazi Zombie" mini-campaign. We have such fun with the ATZ game, and we have such fun with WW2 gaming - so, the combination must also be fun. I know, some folks will say that Nazi Zombies is dumb. To them I say "thank you for identifying yourself as someone I will not invite to the games." I love zombies and I love WW2 - yeah, even to me the combination is a little odd, but it will be enjoyable gaming! Er, uh, that's the point!

A while back a friend gave me a sprue of Wargames Factory's zombies. Also, left over from a 1/48 vehicle model I had some sprues of German weapons and equipment. So, I got the mad thought of making a couple of Nazi Zombies. Here is the result. Not as good as the actual castings I plan to order, but certainly suitable for the tabletop.


We are going to use Holle auf Erden - which is a free supplement to Buts! by Two Hour Wargames which adds the zombies to the game. Man, I can't wait. I have some stuff written up - maybe I'll get some of that shared here on the blog.

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