Monday, October 18, 2010

Zombie Building Update

I got some of the zombie buildings painted up, a few more are not yet painted. The buildings shown here are all Plasticville, except for the gas station which is from Walthers (all "O" scale).

First up is the motel. I desire to make a sign for the roof too, but no comical name has yet come across my brain. If you have an idea, yell!

 Next up is the main hobo building, a converted rail car. Terrific model.
 I also acquired a house. I'd love to get several of different style and build a neighborhood! Complete with backyards, etc. Maybe a cul-de-sac, that would make for some zombie fun!
 Lastly, a couple of views of the gas station. I have not yet accomplished any modifications, but I have a few in mind that are simply waiting for a little time.

 I also acquired a couple of trailers, here is one of them. Again, no time for modifications yet.

 Playing a big Halloween zombie game this Friday night using All Things Zombie. Now I have two reasons to be glad when Friday finally gets here!

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