Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All Quiet on the Western Front

Well, it has been quiet on the blogging front since the frenzy when I returned from North Carolina. It's been busy at work, had some side work, etc. Typical delay stories.

I have managed to stick some time into the hobby however. I ordered a batch (144) of palm trees for the Vietnam terrain and identified some other fauna to order. Probably won't get around to ordering any troops until January, but I have made the list!

Also, working with my brother on a small French Foreign Legion project. We'll see where that goes. I painted a zouave, a tiraileur and two Tauregs. A few more to go of course, but this project does not require lots. I also painted three Foundry mounted/dismounted U.S. Plains Wars cavalrymen that I had laying around.

Currently working on a zombie scenario for the club meeting later this month prior to Halloween. We really enjoy Two Hour Wargame's All Things Zombie! Today I picked up some Plasticville buildings to use. If you've never been to Zombie Town to see his Plasticville work, please go there.

I picked up the Hobo stuff and the Motel. Here are some pics as they are when put together straight out of the box. I'll post again soon when I paint them up. As you can see, there is some wonderful details on the models. I also ordered a Walthers Gas Station, can't wait for that to get here!

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