Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yankee Army Command

I recently acquired some Wargames Foundry miniatures for the American Civil War. While I'll be sending about 200 infantry off to Sri Lanka for painting, I decided to make a command element for my Union Army and Confederate Army. I was without this level of command for my wargames...until now! Here is the Union command. Yes, the central miniature is of Grant, but in my case he is simply a Yankee general. I really like the general in the kepi, he is holding his pocket watch in his right hand - no doubt wondering why the attack planned for this hour has not yet started. After trying to decide which corps flag to place onto the stand, I decided that I would go off-road and pick a rare number (24th, yes there was a 24th Corps) and a non-historical symbol (the six-pointed star).

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