Thursday, March 15, 2012

Walking Dead Characters for All Things Zombie

I dig the graphic novels and I dig the television show...and...I dig All Things Zombie (ATZ) by Two Hour Wargames. So, why not draft up some characters from the t.v. show?

OK, I will then! Here is a first pass at them. If you're a fan of the show and play ATZ, too - share your thoughts!

Rick Grimes

Police; Rep: 5; BA Pistol; Shotgun; Born Leader; Stone Cold

Shane Walsh

Police; Rep: 4; Pistol; Shotgun; Brawler; Poser

Lori Grimes

Survivor; Rep: 3; Pistol


Survivor; Rep: 3; Bat; Semi-Automatic Rifle; Pistol; Agile


Survivor; Rep: 3; Semi-Automatic Rifle; Pistol; Marksman

Dale Horvath

Survivor; Rep: 3; Semi-Automatic Rifle; Slow; Wuss

Daryl Dixon

Survivor; Rep: 4; Crossbow; Athlete; Knifeman

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