Friday, March 23, 2012

Farms for ACW Field of Battle

I made up a couple of "town sections" for Field of Battle that will be used in my American Civil War games. The represent a cluster of farm buildings rather than a town. In Field of Battle, only one unit at a time can occupy a town section, so it is only necessary to have enough room for one stand of the unit. Being farms, I decided that the cluster of structures should not be dense.

As my buddy Matt and I found out in a recent FoB2 game is that is is nice to have these little features dotting some of our battlefields. They provide great little strongpoints!

They are 6"X6" with the buildings a bit undersized. The buildings are chunks of 2X4.

Yankees occupy the farm.

Rebels plunder the Pennsylvania farm!


  1. Great stuff! I love the dioramic effect that these types of built up areas provide.

  2. Agreed. Now, I need to build a couple of "town" town sections. Two "farm" town sections is cool, but, there was some town fighting.