Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chinese Leadership

Finally. I was recently able to start collecting Ancient Chinese miniatures. I wish to play Three Kingdoms battles. That period has a lot of color and gaming possibilities. The most favorite thing in my mind is the notion of a "military strategist" cunningly planning strategies and ruses to outwit the enemy.

The rule set I desire to use has not been written yet: Piquet: Pulse of Battle "soon to be by" Brent Oman. I do enjoy the "...of Battle" series of Piquet games - they create enjoyable games and the games complete in an evening. I hope that as I build my collection, that Brent will gain extra motivation and inspiration on the rules. Writing rules is hard work, especially when you have a full time job!

This is likely to be the largest collection I have, as I plan to collect two complete armies. I intend to build the bulk of the forces with Old Glory Miniatures (the Old Glory Army simply makes this much more affordable)...but I began the collection with an order to Curtey's Miniatures in the UK.

The Curtey's line is pretty awesome and extensive...and, from looking at the images on their site, the miniatures look to have great character. Also, they have some things that Old Glory does not. So, I figured I'd send in an order and see what comes in. I ordered various "commanders" and musicians and, of course, a military strategist. I also ordered some tribal light horse. With shipping, I spent about $140 dollars, not bad.

The order was shipped within a matter of days and appeared on my doorstep about a week later...and...the minis are awesome. They are indeed as full of character as they appear on the web site. The castings are pretty clean too, only a handful have required some clean up. So, I can easily recommend these miniatures. I plan another order to get a bit more from them (fire oxen, peasant levies, camp/supply stuff).

So here are some images of some of the commanders and musicians. I have some more to go, plus the tribal horsemen.


Commander & Musician


Army Commander

Military Strategist

Commander and Strategist

Commander & Strategist

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