Monday, January 25, 2010

All Things Zombie

For those of you that know me, you know that I am a zombie fan...movies, fiction and...gaming. I have been pretty busy lately, but was able to take a break this weekend and play a little zombie gaming (and cheer the New Orleans Saints to the Super Bowl).

Earlier in the week, I purchased "All Things Zombie" (ATZ) from Two Hour Wargames. I also purchased some paper terrain from World Works' "Modern Range" (but only had time to build one building).

First a little about the ATZ rules. Wow. They are really fun. There is a full campaign system built in and the rules are made for solitaire and team play as well as for competitive play. My buddy Matt made it over for some gaming and we had a blast. We played several games cooperatively to learn the rules and were very happy with the system. I give it a BIG TIME recommendation.

Something that is very interesting is the "Nuts!" World War Two rules that Two Hour Wargames produces. The core rules are the same as ATZ (ATZ is a variant of the Nuts! rules). The reaction system is very cool, and I think would deliver some exciting WW2 skirmish games. Naturally, Nuts! provides for solitaire, cooperative play and competitive games with a campaign system.

Ok, a little about the paper buildings now. I have to say, that I himmed and hawed about paper buildings. I like to build buildings, and like nice terrain. Then I started building a "zombie game themed" abandoned fuel station. Geeze, it is a lot of work and I am a busy person (who isn't?). So, I said that I would download one building set and see what I think. Well, I think they're awesome! Hey, for zombie games, they rock. Would I do it for ACW? No. So, another BIG TIME recommendation from me is for the World Works paper buildings.


  1. I really enjoyed ATZ. The mechanics of play were simple and yet offered plenty of opportunities for decision-making.("Do I keep running for that other building, or do I hole up here and keep searching for food?" OR "I'd like to blow these three zombies away with my shotgun, but that noise will make me roll three dice for attracting more of them!") I particularly liked rolling for various reactions--especially with the Liability/Poser in my group. As for the campaign rules, I like their brutality.

  2. Whoops, I'd have to roll SIX dice for attracting zombies with that shotgun blast!