Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gargoyles, Decals and Board Gaming...

Time to catch up on blogging a few odds and ends...been pretty busy. Two weekends ago, Thanksgiving weekend, was a weekend of gaming and football. Having to do the greater family thing on Thanksgiving, we get no the Friday after Thanksgiving, we always do our own turkey at the house and invite over some friends.

 While all were here, we played several board games, but I was only able to get pics of a few. We did a marathon session of the old game Balderdash, in which Matt proved his superiority to us all!

I do enjoy a good board game. Robust games with plenty of decisions, even if the game is a little dry, I enjoy being able to make sound - or ill - decisions. Puerto Rico, Goa and Caylus are a few of my favorites in this category, to name a few - always looking for more.

That said, I enjoy a good, lighter game with plenty of opportunity for screwing over other players and fun interactions. Corsairs and Bootlegger are two in this category.

Anyway, beside Balderdash, these games made the table:Ysphahan, Cthulhu Gloom, Corsairs, King's Breakfast.

Also, I ordered some decal paper that goes through the color printer. I wanted to try to make a few of my own. Here is my first attempt, marking for Chinese shields. We'll see how it goes, they will go on the unit I am currently painting.

Oh yeah, Gargoyles. The baggage claim area at DIA has Gargoyles! Awesome! I love Gargoyles!

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