Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nutha Round of Pulse of Battle

On the 3rd, we gathered for two more Pulse of Battle games. The first one was a blow out, not interesting at all - we've all been there, the game play was just a one-sided wash. "Not interesting" does not mean "not fun" - it is always fun to move around lead miniatures with a good group of guys.

The second game was really good. We just laid out a couple of straight, historical deployments for the Romans and the Macedonians and went at it. Which I believe was a good testing of the rules. Chris. John and I were the Macedonians. Greg, Greg and Eric were the Romans.

It was a close run affair. After all of the light troops in both armies had done their jobs and had been brushed away, the Romans hit us hard on our left and right, trying to avoid too much phalanx contact. A break thru was made on our left and although contained, it did allow other Romans to begin to turn onto the left flank of the phalanx. On the right the Roman attack was halted and pushed back, but with good losses on both sides.The right end of the phalanx actually pushed into the Romans and won ground as well.

The problem was that left flank. We were unable to get our reserve foot (stationed behind the phalanx) over to cover the problem. Such are the fates of battle...and the pulse of have a plan, the troops are available in reserve, but the friction of battle prevents their timely arrival. The Piquet games do a good job providing players with a flavor of that friction!

In the end, a Roman victory was earned...and I do mean earned. It was a tough fight up and down the lines with plenty of tension. Jupiter's favor won out over Zeus' favor.

Next games are on December 1. This afternoon, we're gathering at Bob Jone's house for some 28MM WSS using Die Fighting. Looking forward to it all!

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