Saturday, December 17, 2011

Field of Battle - ACW, again!

Last night I hosted another Field of Battle (2nd Edition) ACW scrum at the club's Friday Night Fights.

We drew 10! Dan was going to play SDS but had to cancel due to life's often unexpected intrusions. I know that one, maybe two, of our players came to play that instead, but ended up playing ACW with us.

Two of our players planned to play a medieval wargame but canceled that as no one else had indicated a desire to play during the week. That's not a reflection of the guys or the game they intended to play, rather a reflection on people not communicating desires. For my game, only Scott and Colin had earlier indicated a desire to play. So, I expected that only the three of us would for sure be playing...maybe a pick up player or two.

The result? Running the only game of the evening and having the game be one with a very fun set of rules. 10 players, 1 referee, lots of chaos, but lots of fun. Several of the players have done so before, so I did not need to worry about every detail - thank guys, you know who you are!

The highlight of the battle was Colin's Union command. This was his first game of Field of Battle and his last game at the club for a while (his family is moving to Texas). He drove his men into Doug's command and got the upper hand. Doug, wisely, fell back towards the support of his friends. You could still see the fight in Doug as he fell back - he did a charge and wanted to do some other things, but his generalship won out over his bloodlust. In the end Colin's command, along with men from Rick's and Reto's fought right up to the new rebel lines. Good stuff fellas!

I did manage a few pics, but was very busy for the evening...