Friday, September 2, 2011

New Arrivals - Rules (Part 2)

OK, so before I share what arrived today - let me tell you a short story. Matt Grippin and I have long wanted to play ancient China war games. More than DBA. Matt has a couple of Han Dynasty DBA armies in 15mm. I have always enjoyed Sun Tzu and Matt is a flat out ancient China fanatic - he's very knowledgeable on the subject.

You know? Matt once gave me a copy of the book Three Kingdoms. If you know Matt something like that means he really likes you! The stories within got me excited about this period. 

Well, Matt also told me about the Warhammer Ancient Battles supplement for this period, called The Art of War...and that if we ever saw it we should get it. It just so happened that I was in Colorado Springs last weekend and inside a game shop that had a copy on the shelf! I flipped through it and bought it!

Now, I do not want to play Warhammer Ancient Battles - the subject matter in this book is however incredible and invaluable. And - it includes rules for heroic duels and "Military Strategists" (think Sun Tzu)!

What I want to play is Hail Caesar! So, I ordered a copy of that. It came today! Yay! The Art of War book will help me build armies for various periods in ancient China - but our attention will be in the Three Kingdoms period. Uh, yeah, we'll use some Military Strategist goodness too!

So, I'll build some army lists that work with the HC rules and pass them to Matt for adjustments and then, order up some Chinese soldiers! 28mm to boot!

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