Sunday, August 21, 2011

DBN Command

My friend Matt V. did not want this cool little Essex Napoleonic carriage - so he sold it to me. No it does not look like The Emperor's carriage, but it is a really cool piece.

This little gem will quite possibly play a role on the tabletop in the upcoming Big Battle DBN Tournament in November. Here's the thought: In each battle, each team will have the chance to select a "stratagem" card from a small deck specifically chosen for the given scenario. One of the scenarios will include the "Royal Presence" card:

So, if one side selects this card, they play it to replace the enemy's commander-in-chief for the battle with a Royal meddler! Oh, the consternation this could cause! In addition, the element counts both as baggage and the C-in-C - meaning it is worth 4 elements if lost. But, one cannot have the Emperor's brother or cousin taken captive!

Matt, thanks for the piece, we'll be sure to put it to good use!

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