Saturday, March 26, 2011

28MM Old West House

My brother, his wife and several friends have been on my butt lately because I have not updated this blog in like three weeks or so...and I apologize for that. I have been busy winding down some work - but yeah, excuses, whatever. But, I have been doing one or two fun things too.

This past September, I gave all of my "Cowtown" buildings to my brother for his gun-fighting enjoyment. So, inspired by the awesome work of a British blogger named Colin Rush, I have begun to build a few replacement buildings. You can see Colin's incredible work on his blog: Wargaming Buildings. Please give him a visit and leave a note behind regarding his excellent work!

I decided to start with something easy, to get the flow going. So, I chose his "homestead" building as my pattern. You can see his homestead here: Homestead. I decided that I'd depart from his model in a way that I'd build the roof separately so that it can be removed. Here is the building I produced...

There are a few things that I don't like. My windows are too large and my doors are a little too wide. And I hate the steps. These things need improvement. I have not yet built the roof, and am wondering if I should. I am thinking of scraping this building to do it again with the lessons learned.

The interior floor is raised to the height of the front porch (note the steps at the rear door). I am going to print interior floors and walls and apply them to the inside of the building so that when we take the roof off, it doesn't have a poop-colored interior.

Anyway, pass number one at this type of building is a "marginal victory" in wargaming terms...should I start this one over again?

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  1. Definitely scrap it. Finish the roof, give this one to me and start all over on a new one. Unacceptable.